Ville de Domont

Domont is twinned with four sister towns through the Twinning Committee.

Domont and its Twin Cities
Domont and its Twin Cities


Town in Leicestershire county, England; approximately 190 km north of London.
Population: 13,000 inhabitants
Distinctive features: this town boasts all the charms of the English countryside, with cottages, manor houses and abbeys, as well as pubs.
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Town in Germany, located approximately 20 km west of the centre of Munich. In the heart of a region packed with tourist destinations, near to lakes and mountains, the town welcomes visitors all year round. Germering is also twinned with Balatonfüred, a town in Hungary.
Population: 37,000 inhabitants
Distinctive features: important cultural and artistic hub, famous for its beer festival.
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Town in Western Poland, located in between two lakes, 74 km from Poznań.
Population: 14,000 inhabitants. Inhabitants are very friendly, and most speak French.
Distinctive features: the region is prized for its geographic location, which is home to numerous lakes and magnificent forests, and affords a vibrant economy. Wolsztyn is home to the one-of-a-kind locomotive depot that still runs steam trains in Europe (with 22 original locomotives and carriages).
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Municipality of the Province of Udine, located in the Friulia-Venezia Giulia region of north-west Italy. This is a friendly region blessed with sea and mountains.
Population: 6,739 inhabitants
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